Recognized by teachers and learners in 120 countries, our award-winning English Language Teaching (ELT) publishing has helped millions of students transform their language skills and equip them for success in their lives.

While our global reach has helped us develop our strong reputation for quality in local publishing, our regional publishing hubs enable us to work locally to get close to the people that matter: the teachers, the students and the communities we support. The Indian publishing units focus on developing courses specially tailored to the regions, which allows us to respond quickly to local language needs. We also do this through our proactive global customisation team who are there to help shape existing products to better fit specific markets.

An essential skill for employability is English communication and it is every job seeker’s dream to have good communication skills. Macmillan understands this huge need in the Indian market and our vision is to make language training accessible and affordable and bring it at par with international standards.

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